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Pumpkin spice & Farmers Markets.

It is the season!! Either you are in the pumpkin spice gang or you're not, don't worry because the mint mochas are right around the corner.

Right now the pumpkins are rolling in, the apples have pretty much fallen and we are baking, canning and decorating everything you can think of with an abundance of pumpkins!

It was hard work but beautiful to watch the pumpkins grow without the worry harsh chemicals touching our food, skin or the amazing earth we grow on.

Starting in April, we fought off mice stealing our seeds from the green house and then the explosion of growth in the trays when the cold snap made it impossible to plant them outside; but our pumpkins were determined to grow!!

Jack be little, Wee-B-little, Lumina, Cinderella and Howden now hide in every corner..

Today we have our amazing pumpkin spice cake pops, muffins, breads and bagels with pumpkin or fresh apple butter to go with our raw milk lattes.

It is so easy to make vegan and Gluten free varieties of these baked goods since Pumpkin and apple are MAGIC, taking the place of eggs and milk and adding the flavor of pure autumn..

Join our Facebook page to see where you can buy our wonderful seasonal creations, or to pick up our lovingly grown produce!

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