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Production Site Hygiene PODS

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Manufacturing facilities, construction sites, sports venues; personal hygiene and your Safety Program.

Temporary, mobile, modular; up-cycled shipping containers are converted into attractive, efficient, external hygiene facilities that can be set in place in minutes. Hooked to existing utilities and placed into use within hours. Relieving you of the necessary expense, engineering, planning and mess required to upgrade and renovate your facility to provide improved personal hygiene availability.

Green Nolin Trading Company has developed a 21st century answer to America's 21st century health, safety and welfare concerns.

America's manufacturing facilities, construction sites, sports venue managers understand personal hygiene requirements need to be more stringent than were considered reasonable just just a few months ago.

Porta-Potties set in rows with under-sized hand rinsing stations. Sweat inducing, smelly saunas. Spottily maintained, they quickly become un-usable except to the extremely stouthearted. Almost as bad from a safety, and personnel stand point are the inadequately designed, low capacity permanent restroom facilities under built when your facility was new.

So, how will this newly prioritized, essential safety concern be managed on your site?

New safety challenges create new priorities that need to be included into your Safety Program. These priorities will re-shape our post COVID-panic operation's model.

If there is one valid data point your organization, and the people who enter into your facility must internalize as America fights this virus inspired chaos, it is the very real need for careful attention to personal hygiene. Thorough hand washing is a necessity, no matter the virus or bacteria being guarded against. Your facilities should have adequate capacity. Secure, comfortable and easily cleaned.

Many recently built facilities under estimated capacity and availability of hygiene resources. Not just the number of people requiring service, but ease of cleaning the facility itself, and proximity to the people needing it.

GNTC has an option.

The GNTC External Hygiene Facility allows you an excellent option.

The Hygiene POD is organized to facilitate thorough hygiene. The GNTC Hygiene POD is versatile and can be converted to meet your organization's needs. For some the concept of a gender neutral Hygiene Facility is a priority; but if not, the GNTC External Hygiene Facility's layout can serve both consciences. Our standard 40' Hygiene POD includes two areas with dedicated doors to enter and exit through. One door allows entrance into an area containing two stalls with water closets and a lavatory. The other door serves a space that includes three stalls with water closets, four urinals and four sinks. Water usage is managed via metered faucets and low-flush appliances.

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