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COVID19 Due Dilligence - Employee, Student and Worshipper Safety Temperature Testing PODs


Churches and schools are experiencing a new normal.

COVID19 has upset the status quo and in its place a new set of requirements have been imposed. To move forward, American businesses, government agencies, churches and schools will be forced to accept expanded Due Diligence requirements. One very important aspect will be that every employee, worshiper, and student must be checked to ensure they aren't carrying this potentially deadly illness into your facility.

The imperative is to check each person before they enter.

Green Nolin Trading Company's COVID19 Response, Wellness Verification PODs provide you an excellent option. An attractive, comfortable facility you can set in place in front of your facility's entrance as an essential part of your organization's COVID19 Safety Response Program.

Much superior, and less expensive than an addition that could detract from the architectural aesthetic of your building. The GNTC Wellness Verification POD is easily moved into place and put to work. When this crisis is over, it can be just as easily moved out.

GNTC COVID19 Response, Wellness Verification PODs are mobile, temporary, up-cycled shipping containers converted into attractive, climate-controlled facilities your personnel can accomplish temperature checks in. Or you can choose our partner provided, integrated AI Temperature Testing Unit.

Space is provided for your potential entrant to sign an affidavit assuring you they are experiencing no COVID19 related symptoms; and that they have had no known contact with anyone experiencing symptoms.

The Wellness Verification POD provides an excellent opportunity and venue in which to brief first time entrants on your facility's COVID19 Safety Response Program, store and provide acceptable PPE.

Before they enter into your production facility, worship center or school.

GNTC COVID19 Response, Wellness Verification PODs:

Before they enter into your production facility, worship center or school; your employee, worshiper, student or guest enters the POD through a door that swings out to allow their entrance, or if need be, exit. A partition/wall is situated to isolate the entrant from anyone else already inside the POD. The new entrant's temperature is checked. If it is above 100.5* they are asked to leave out of the door they entered in through. Their entrance denied before exposing anyone else inside the POD. If the entrants temperature is normal they enter on into the POD and are provided a GNTC Health Certification Form which they sign to affy they are not experiencing COVID19 related symptoms.

The GNTC Wellness Verification POD also provides an excellent area to brief first time entrants on your COVID19 Safety Response Program.

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