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  GNTC: Effectiveness Catalyzed

We are determined to supply you with the high quality goods you require for your home and/or homestead through our store.

We also want to share great ideas for baking or use of products from our shop, through our blog

Performance partnerships

GNTC has established close relationships with quality partners such as;

Stone Street Coffee Company, based in Brooklyn New York.

Nellies, bringing you high quality cleaning and sanitizing products you can feel safe to have around pets and children.

Singing Bush Valley Farm, growing non toxic produce and raising grass fed Jersey/ Dexter cows for quality dairy and meat.

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Our Beef is pasture raised  with no hormones or antibiotics in Edmonson County, KY.  Pasture or grass fed animals will result in a naturally lower fat meat and slightly stronger flavor, this meat has higher nutritional benefits than then your standard feed lot Animal. Not to mention a happy animal life.

What is a Beef Share?

Freezer Space:

A typical rule is 1 cubic foot of freezer space per 30 pounds of meat. A 1/4 cow will need 4-5 cubic feet.

A Beef Share is simply the way farmers can sell  meat directly to  neighbors, this is done by 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and whole cow.

With a Beef Share you can enjoy savings and convenience without the worry of quality.

You buy  from 1 Animal  per share, not a mix of multiple animals.

Expected cuts: 

You should expect a mix of steaks, roasts, ground and stew meat.

Roughly 1/2 you order will be ground and stew, 1/4 should be roasts (chuck, shoulder, rump, sirloin tip etc.) 1/4 should be steaks ( Sirloin, Prime/ Rib, T-bone, Filet Mignon, Tenderloin etc.)


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