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GNTC Range Fed Meats

GNTC Range Fed Meats

GNTC Range Fed Meats are farm to table whole foods. Raised on chemically free pasture, fed clean grains with no antibiotics. These meats are harvested from carefully raised animals that are well taken care of. The thoughtful attention to their well being is evident in every delicious portion. Pork and turkeys are a raised for processing in fall, just in time for holiday feasting. Beef is harvested through out the year. Contact us for availibility and pricing.




    We expect you will be well pleased with your GNTC Range Fed Meats. Great care is taken not only with the finsihed product, but the livestock it is harvested from. If there is some problem just contact us and we"ll work it out with you


    GNTC Range Fed Meats are available for pick up by appointment. We ship out USPS in "Cool Boxes", we will calculate shipping costs and let you know when you order

1 Pound
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