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Welcome Stone Street Coffee Company!

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

We at GNTC are so very excited to welcome Stone Street Coffee Company to our inventory! This coffee is roasted to order and comes in multiple flavors and blends. I began using Stone Street coffee a year ago in my own home due to the fact that they have various flavored decaf coffees which, if you drink decaffeinated coffee then you know how rare it is to find flavored decaf coffee. On top of that, the Stone Street decaf coffees are decaffeinated using a method called Swiss Water processing rather than the more common chemical process. We will get into that in a further post but I couldn't share about my excitement for these coffees without sharing that fact as it is what enticed me towards them. Stone Street Coffee Company is an " artisanal quality coffee for every New Yorker"; but you don't have to be a New Yorker to enjoy it, as experienced by yours truly.

This coffee is small batch roasted in Brooklyn. The custom roasters allow for them to carefully control the roast profile and create consistent great taste and tone.

So far my personal favorites are the Caramel Nut decaf in regular roast, and the French Vanilla. Next on my list is the Cinnamon Swirl Decaf! I can't wait to try every flavor!

Until next time, this is Dahna from GNTC, signing off and hoping to hear what your favorite coffee flavors and roasts are and also how you best enjoy brewing your coffee! Happy coffee adventuring


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